Heirloom Line

This Heirloom weave structure has a fascinating history that has been passed down and preserved for over 200 years. As far as we know, it was first woven by a woman named Patience and her daughter Peace who lived in Massachusetts in the late 1700s. Using linen and wool from their farm, they wove fabric for their family's blankets, bedspreads and other assorted items. When Peace got married, she took along several weaving drafts that she and her mother had designed. They were brief notations scribbled on small scraps of paper that were passed down for several generations until they were donated to the local historical society and deciphered into modern weave drafts.

The name on the original draft was simply "Summer and Winter", which is now used to classify an entire group of weave structures. To prevent confusion, we are calling this design "Heirloom" which the Miriam Webster dictionary defines as "something of special value handed on from one generation to another". All of our products are designed, woven and finished within the USA, and truly are heirloom products that can be used to snuggle and hold your babies, and then be passed along to the next generation.

Heirloom will be woven in very small batches of over 20 different color and fiber combinations, with small releases of wraps beginning in January 2017. We will occasionally be offering limited releases of throw blankets, cowls and infinity scarves as well. All upcoming releases will be announced on our Facebook page, so make sure to follow along for updates!