Frequently Asked Questions

Where are ABW wraps made?

We are committed to supporting the textile industry in the United States, so all of the designing, weaving, sewing and finishing of our wraps are completed in various locations across Ohio, Pennsylvania and North Carolina. While it would be much cheaper to outsource the manufacturing processes to India, we feel that it is very important to continue to support small, family-owned businesses here in the United States.

Are ABW wraps handwoven? 

While we are gradually introducing some handwoven items, the majority of ABW wraps are not handwoven.

All of the fabric for our Signature and Heirloom Lines are actually machine woven on a vintage power loom from the 1930's. The wraps are almost indistinguishable from handwoven wraps because of the similarities between the loom used for our Signature Line and the floor looms that are used for handweaving. The main difference is that on a handloom, the weaver presses the treadles and either throws the shuttle back and forth by hand or uses a fly shuttle. The power loom has mechanized both of those processes, though the loom still requires quite a lot of work by hand to set it up and to keep it running properly. 

Our Simplicity Line is also machine woven, but this mill uses more modern rapier looms  which enable faster weaving, more complex weave structures and higher production capabilities. 


A series of four images show the warping and weaving process for Evening Flame and the old loom on which our Signature Line fabric is woven.

What size should I purchase?

Sizing charts and information can be found here.

Which converters do you sell yardage to for wrap conversion carriers? of these carriers are hand-made, using the same fabric that has been custom woven for our wraps:

BabyTula creates gorgeous, wrap conversion buckle carriers in both standard and toddler sizes. 

2Lambie Creations makes both traditional and buckle onbu carriers, offering baby, toddler and preschool sizes.  

How can I become a tester?

When tester slots become available, a post is made in the Apple Blossom Orchard chatter group, where you can submit your information and your feedback links. Guidelines for testers can be reviewed here.

What form of payment do you accept?

When completing a purchase on our website (either through an invoice or a direct purchase), we accept credit cards and PayPal. 

When completing a purchase at an in-person vendor event, we only accept credit cards. 

Will Morning Glory be rewoven?

No, Morning Glory is a design from our Signature Line and due to the complexities of the design process, it can not be rewoven. During the design process, we make a 1/5 scale warp wrapping and send it to the mill. The weaver works off of that design to create a full scale custom warp. This gives some flexibility to the weaver but also means that it is impossible to exactly replicate a colorway, and there would be significant variations. Even if similar colors are used, any new runs will be given a new name to prevent any confusion.

What are the differences between the Signature and Simplicity Lines?

Signature Line

All of the wraps in our Signature Line are made from fabric woven by a very small, family-owned textile mill in the United States. This mill uses a vintage loom from the 1930's that is capable of weaving 30" wide selvage cloth. The beautifully woven selvages mean that the rails, or long edges, do not need to be hemmed. While it is a matter of personal preference, unhemmed rails are often considered more comfortable both for the wearer and the child, since they are less likely to dig into the wearer's shoulders or the child's legs.

Another advantage to the vintage loom, in addition to it being an incredible working piece of textile history, is its ability to weave with a variety of fiber blends without the extensive recalibration required for modern looms. So far we have sampled linen, hemp, wool and Tencel blends with positive feedback on all of them.

The only downside to this loom is the yardage limitations - the back beam can only hold enough yarn for about 600 yards per run. While exact release quantities are not usually announced, Signature Line release sizes are usually between 20-30 wraps per weft. At this time, due to the complexities of the design process, colorways will not be rewoven. This policy may be changed in the future depending on changes to the process, but that decision would not be retroactive (we still would not reweave Morning Glory, Evening Flame, or Secret Garden). 

Simplicity Line

After the overwhelming response to the Morning Glory release, we started looking for another mill that would be willing to create a custom, gradient warp for each new run to help us increase production. We are so happy to have found another small, family-owned textile mill in the United States to work with!

This mill uses a more modern rapier loom, which has several advantages. The loom has a 46" weaving width, so the wraps will be cut and hemmed to about 28" for those who prefer a wider wrap than our Signature Line offers. Hemming the rails will lower the cost of each wrap, since we won't have the added labor of hand-weaving the bobbin changes back into the cloth. And all of that 12" scrap means plenty for everyone who likes to make Tula accessories, wrap scrap jewelry, or adorable little baby shoes!

The design process for this mill is different because we do send the mill a thread-by-thread design. This means that colorways can be run again, and will be exactly the same each time except for any small changes in yarn dye lots. Release sizes will be larger than Signature Line releases, and each weft will be released separately.

Simplicity Line wraps will only be available in 100% cotton, and will use the same soft cotton yarn as our Signature Line.

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