Frequently Asked Questions

Where are ABWovens wraps made?

All of our products are sewn and finished in Ohio. With the exception of our Simply Linen line, all of our fabrics are custom woven in the United States. We feel that it is very important to continue to support small, family-owned businesses here in the United States.

Are ABWovens wraps handwoven? 

So far, Desert Sunset has been our only handwoven release. All of the fabric for our Signature and Heirloom Lines are actually woven on a vintage power loom from the 1930's. The wraps are almost indistinguishable from handwoven wraps because of the similarities between the loom used for our Signature Line and the floor looms that are used for handweaving. The main difference is that on a handloom, the weaver presses the treadles and either throws the shuttle back and forth by hand or uses a fly shuttle. The power loom has mechanized both of those processes, though the loom still requires quite a lot of work by hand to set it up and to keep it running properly. 

A series of four images show the warping and weaving of Evening Flame and the old loom on which some of our fabric is woven.

What size should I purchase?

Sizing charts and information can be found here.

What form of payment do you accept?

When completing a purchase on our website (either through an invoice or a direct purchase), we accept credit cards and PayPal. 

When completing a purchase at an in-person vendor event, we only accept credit cards. 

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Product care and washing instructions 

Identifying and repairing flaws in your wrap, such as pulls or broken threads