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About Us


Apple Blossom Wovens, LLC (ABWovens) is a small, woman-owned business based in Coumbus, Ohio, USA.

We manufacture woven wraps and ring slings used for babywearing, as well as a variety of accessories such as throw blankets, scarves and cowls from our custom woven fabric. All of our fabrics are woven by small, family-owned mills to support the textile industry in the United States.

ABWovens is compliant with all government safety regulations mandated by the CPSC, and all textile laws mandated by the FTC. 


Phillip and Lisa Carter with their three children. 


Lisa was first introduced to babywearing when she was given a Baby Bjorn during her first pregnancy in 2008. Both of her older children loved those snuggles, and it was particularly useful to have free hands when caring for those first two under two. Baby #3 didn't seem to find the Baby Bjorn as comfortable as her siblings had, so Lisa purchased a Baby K'tan and then a Girasol woven wrap.

After entering the world of woven wraps and falling in love with the beautiful gradient designs of handwoven wraps, a local babywearing friend told her about the weaving class offered by the Columbus Cultural Arts Center. Weaving came easily with her background in other fiber crafts, and Lisa first planned to begin offering custom handwoven wraps to supplement their family income. But after a suggestion from her husband one evening, she began to pursue the idea of working with a textile mill to offer the same quality of wrap but at a more affordable price, and Apple Blossom Wovens was born.  

Lisa is the owner of the company, and is responsible for designing each colorway, determining textile specifications, coordinating yarn and textile mill orders, managing the website and social media platforms, responding to any customer service inquiries, maintaining compliance with government safety regulations, checking and packaging wraps for sale and managing releases. 




Phillip has degrees in both fine arts and accounting, and in 2013 he left his position with an accounting firm to found a residential painting company. His experience both as an accountant and as a small business owner have been invaluable, and he manages the books for Apple Blossom Wovens.