Ring sling sizing can be found here.

The following sizing chart shows the standard sizing for woven wraps. ABWovens wraps are cut to allow up to 10% shrinkage from the first hot wash. 

Wrap Size Length (Meters) Length (Inches)
Size 1 2.2 meters 87 inches
Size 2 2.6 meters 102 inches
Size 3 3.2 meters 126 inches
Size 4 3.6 meters 142 inches
Size 5 4.2 meters 165 inches
Size 6 4.6 meters 182 inches
Size 7 5.2 meters 205 inches
Size 8 5.6 meters 221 inches
Size 9 6.2 meters 244 inches
Size 10 6.6 meters 260 inches
Size 11 7.2 meters 283 inches
Size 12 7.6 meters 299 inches
Size 13 8.2 meters 323 inches

Please note: Releases usually only include sizes 3-9, but we try to ensure that we always have yardage on hand for custom sizes. If you would like a wrap sized 1-2 or 9-13, please email We can't guarantee that there will be fabric available from each new release, but will let you know what we have available for you to select from. Any pre-orders will offer woven wraps sized 1-13, and ring slings sized XS-5XL.

The instructions for use that are included with your wrap show a FWCC (front wrap cross carry), which utilizes your base size. The following chart, used with permission from Babywearing International, shows how to find your base size.