February 2017 Lending Library Promotion

Could your local lending library use a free wrap? If so, grab some friends and help get them one! For the entire month of February, when you purchase a wrap or ring sling, make sure to nominate your group in the "notes" section of the cart. Once a group has received 4 nominations, they will receive a free wrap in their choice of size!
  • There is no limit to how many free wraps a particular group can receive. For example, if 12 members make purchases, then the lending library will receive 3 wraps.
  • All 4 nominating orders do not need to be placed together, they just all need to be made during the month of February.
  • When nominating your group, please include the name of the group and a link to either their website, Facebook page or Facebook group.
  • Once a group has received 4 nominations, they will get to choose which size wrap they'd like and ABW will select from available wraps in the requested size. 
  • ABW will pay all shipping charges (including international shipping) for the free lending library wrap.
  • Only lending libraries are eligible for this promotion. Teaching libraries, where wraps are used for instruction but cannot be borrowed by group members, are not eligible.
  • This offer can be combined with our educator discount. So make sure to email for more information if you are a babywearing educator or if you are purchasing for a lending library.

This promotion only applies to purchases made during the month of February. If you had placed an order on layaway or made a partial payment on a Midnight Sky pre-order, you can still nominate a group when making your final payment.

Obviously, we need some wraps available for purchase to make this promotion work! Some are stocked on the website right now, and we will be adding plenty more throughout the month of February. Wraps will be stocked randomly on the website without advance notice.

As previously announced, Heirloom Ruby and Midnight Sky will be released by draw-to-purchase. If you are purchasing a wrap via invoice from a draw, you can still nominate your local group by emailing after completing your purchase.


  • Apple Blossom Wovens

Worldwide Shipping

Now offering worldwide shipping. At this time, shipping is not provided to Canada due to compliance regulations.
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Introducing ABW Handwoven Wraps

Introducing ABW Handwoven Wraps

by Lisa Carter

We have some exciting news! But first, a bit of background: if you've read the About Us section, you'll know that I never set out to start a woven wrap company. It's been a journey that began when I wanted to weave myself a wrap since I couldn't afford the higher prices of the gorgeous handwovens. So I took a weaving class, wove a wrap, experienced the huge amount of work that goes into weaving and was then inspired to find a way to offer something similar at a more affordable price. The only reason for telling you this is so that you'll trust me when I tell you that I know how much work goes into measuring a warp, warping the loom, and then weaving enough yardage for a wrap! It is hours and hours of hard work before you can even throw that shuttle for the first time, and bending over that back beam to thread those heddles can definitely take a toll on one's back. Handwoven wraps are worth every penny of their higher prices because of the amount of work that the weaver puts into every inch of cloth. And while I'm so proud of what we've been able to accomplish with both our Signature and Simplicity machine woven lines, there are certainly some limitations when compared with what's possible when working directly with a weaver on a custom handwoven.

Since first starting this company last fall, I hoped to eventually be able to work with handweavers by providing all of the overhead support. Things like liability insurance and CPSC compliance add a lot of overhead cost, and those costs will only go up once additional testing requirements become mandatory later this year. So I am thrilled to announce that Emily Wood is the first weaver we will be collaborating with! She has been weaving since she was in high school, and has been working with me on the mending/finishing of the Signature Line for the past 9 months. This first handwoven run will be a bit of a trial run, and if everything goes well she will open up some custom slots so you can work with her to create your own custom design. Obviously because of all of the work involved, the price per wrap will be higher than our machine woven lines, but the lower overhead costs will help keep the price a bit more affordable.

For this first handwoven run, Emily will be weaving this gorgeous gradient of fall colors.

Image shows actual colors of blue/purple/red/orange/yellow yarn that will be used.


The digital mock-up shows how the colors will be pinstriped but it does distort the colors a bit. 
The photograph above shows the true colors better. 

The entire 20 yard warp will be woven with a brick red weft in a pebble weave structure, and once the wraps are completed they will be sold by draw. Expected completion is the end of October 2016.

Image shows digital mock-up of warp colors with the brick red weft in the pebble weave.

Image shows digital mock-up of warp/weft with close up of the pebble weave structure.

For this first run, the fiber content will be 75% cotton / 25% linen, and Emily will be using the same Maurice Brassard yarn that is used for all Signature Line runs so they’ll be soft and supportive right off the loom. Pricing will be $90 per meter and available sizes will be determined after weaving has been completed. If you’ve been wishing for a bit more wrap width, you’ll be happy to hear that these handwoven wraps will be several inches wider than Signature Line wraps! 

Now you may have seen in the chatter group that I was planning to run that design for the Simplicity Line after Midnight Sky. Due to both scheduling delays and some yarn minimum requirements, we won’t be able to run that this fall, so it seemed the perfect design for this first new collaboration! Emily will be doing some weft sampling on the warp, and the current plan is to run a similar color scheme next fall for the Signature Line with a different weave structure and different weft colors. Even though the same warp colors will be used, the difference in width, weave structure and weft colors will be sure to differentiate the handwoven from the machine woven and prevent any confusion. 


As a somewhat related side note, the amount of work that weavers put into their work is one reason why I personally am opposed to the practice of flipping or reselling ABW wraps for more than their retail value. Our machine woven wraps are an awesome option for someone on a limited budget. But if you have a flexible budget and can spend $400-$700 on a wrap, then I would definitely encourage you to support a weaver rather than pay an inflated price for one of our machine woven wraps.

As always, if you love the colors from any ABW colorway and would like to use those same colors on your own custom handwoven, send me an email at Most weavers work with Maurice Brassard colors, and I can tell you the exact names of the colors that I've used. My only request is that you only use that information for your own personal use, and if/when you were to sell your custom that you not use the ABW name or colorway name in advertising your wrap to sell. (For example, don't advertise it as "used the same colors as Apple Blossom Wovens Morning Glory".) 

Alright, stepping off my soap box now! I hope you'll join me in welcoming Emily to this new position with Apple Blossom Wovens, and in appreciating all of the talented weavers who work so hard to create gorgeous wraps with which we snuggle our babies!

  • Apple Blossom Wovens

Lending Library Program

Introducing a new lending library program! I am incredibly grateful for the babywearing group and lending library here in Columbus, Ohio and would have given up on my first wrap long ago if not for the wonderful women who volunteer their time here. Beth Kost has been shooting the beautiful product photos for the red, blue, gray and cream weft Evening Flame wraps in exchange for a wrap for her local lending library, and it has worked so well I would like to continue this if possible. So as a way to support other lending libraries, and to provide optimum diversity in our product shots, I am proposing a photography-for-wraps program.

Here is the gist of the program: a babywearing photographer will work with their local babywearing group to provide product shots of 4-6 different wraps in exchange for a size 7 ABW wrap for their local lending library. The agreement will require no more than 3 separate photoshoots (of either 1 or 2 wraps at a time), and those photoshoots must utilize local, proficient babywearers of varying gender, size and color. I will need 6 high quality pictures of each wrap photographed, and the photographer is responsible to ensure that images show safe, secure babywearing.

Any photographer who wishes to apply for this program can email some examples of their work to Please also include the name of the local babywearing group you will be working with, and the name and contact information of one of the group leaders that I may coordinate with. If you are selected for the program, I will get in touch with more specific details. Since this is a new program, I appreciate your patience in the time it may take to work out the details and select a group to work with for the next colorway. Let me know if you have any questions!
    • Lisa Carter
    What is this loose thread?

    What is this loose thread?

    Just wanted to take a moment and remind everyone of the pictures and videos available on the website. They show how to identify a weaver's knot or bobbin change, and how to identify and repair a pull or a broken thread.

    One big change we made in preparing the Evening Flame wraps is what we do with the bobbin change threads - instead of trimming them flush with the selvage, the mill is leaving those threads about 2" long and we're weaving them back into the cloth by hand. After the first wash, the ends of those threads fluff up a bit (like the picture shown below) and can cause concern if you're not sure what they are. You'll also see that happen sometimes with the loose ends from a weaver's knot.

    As always, feel free to message the ABW Facebook page or email with any questions or concerns! And if you ever do find a broken thread, free repair kits are always available and include a blunt needle, a needle threader and repair threads for each color yarn used in your wrap.

    Quick Draw

    Quick Draw

    A ‘quick draw’ is a draw-to-purchase release where the release time is announced ahead of time, and the draw form is only open for 5 minutes. Just to clarify - the winner of the draw does not win a free wrap, the winner merely wins the chance to purchase a wrap.

    A quick draw release date and time will be announced on the ABW Facebook page several days before the release.  At the scheduled time, a new post will be made on the ABW Facebook page with the draw details. If you would like to enter the draw, you will first need to make sure you have created a customer account here. This can be done ahead of time, and needs to include the email address that the invoice should be sent to if you win the draw. If your name is drawn, but you do not have an account set up, another name will be drawn. (Your account information is only required for simplicity when processing invoices; your information will not be used for any other purposes, and only needs to include your name, state and email address.)

    Once your account is created, comment on the draw post with the size(s) you would like to enter for. If you would like to know how size selections are made, you can see a quick video hereMake sure to include everything in ONLY one comment. Anyone who enters the draw more than once will be disqualified from the draw. If your Facebook name is different than your legal name, make sure your comment also includes the name you used to create your customer account. Remember, the draw post will only be up for 5 minutes, so be sure to enter your information quickly! After 5 minutes, the post will be hidden from the wall to prevent new entries and names will be drawn.

    Woobox will be used to randomly draw names from the comments. For example, if Jane Doe’s name is drawn, I will check Jane’s comment to see which sizes she entered for. If she listed sizes 5, 6 & 7 then I’ll check through my list of available wraps. If the first available wrap on the list is a size 7, then I’ll mark her down for a size 7 and email her an invoice. Then I’ll draw another name and repeat the process until all sizes have been accounted for. If there were no more available 5s, 6s or 7s when Jane Doe’s name was drawn then she would not receive an invoice and another name would be drawn.

    Other rules for a draw include:

    1. Only one entry allowed per person; all duplicate entries will be deleted.
    2. The person who wins the draw must be the person who completes the purchase. The name drawn must match the name of the person completing payment and the name of the person to which the wrap will be shipped.
    3. Once invoices have been sent, winners will have 24 hours to pay their invoice. After that time, unpaid invoices will be cancelled and another winner will be drawn and invoiced.

    Failure to follow any of the rules of the draw may disqualify you from being eligible to win future draws.