Shannon Forsyth Review: Size 7 Cotton

Review by Reality of Wrapping

So, I will start out by saying a lot of reviews that I have seen for this wrap compare it to handwovens, I haven't had a handwoven yet so I can't comment on how similar they are.  I can, however, compare it to a large variety of machine wovens!

I was lucky enough to temp trade for a beautiful Apple Blossom Wovens Morning Glory with grey weft. At a size 7, this wrap was MUCH longer than I typically work with as my base is a 5 though sometimes I work with 6s.  I was still able to try it out in all my usual carries, just with tails that go for DAYS, when I tried ruck tied tibetan knotless I still had tails to my ankles.  Worth noting, I hear they run long and this 7 measures at 5.57m STIH so I am inclined to agree.

When I first opened the package what struck me was how crazy thin the wrap was. It isn't as thin as some Didymos Indios that I have used, but I guess I was expecting something beefier than what came.  The wrap is impressively floppy and has a beautiful drape.  I found Morning Glory to have a good amount of stretch but not saggy, even in ruck with a 25 pound toddler.

I used Morning Glory for an hour-ish long walk in FWCC, without the passes spread, to see how it did and it held up really well.  I didn't figure on it holding up so well given how thin it feels but I had no ache in my shoulders or back and there wasn't even a smidge of dig anywhere, I found it very cushy though I hadn't expected it to be so.
It feels unlike most (machine) wovens I have used.  It is nothing like the feel of Pavo, Didymos, or Tekhni.  Out of the wraps that I have tried (which is quite a few) it feels most similar to Tiny Tiger American Beauty, though I found AB to have much more sag and not as nice a Morning Glory is so much prettier!

The glide on Morning Glory is fantastic and it holds into place once you you are done. It makes an effortless chestpass as well, being extremely ace bandage-y. This was, perhaps, my favorite quality of this wrap. Those that know me, know I love Indio chestpasses, Morning Glory has taken my top spot for chestpasses, sorry Indio.

See? Perfection with ease. Even pre-coffee ;-)

I do feel like this wrap would pull pretty easily, though admittedly I have been babying this one in that regard since it isn't mine ;-) That said, it is very airy and I feel like it would be a great choice even in hot weather.  I have seen some mention that it seems narrow to them but I didn't find that to be an issue for me, granted I have been primarily using Woven Wings geos lately which are extremely narrow.

Width comparison with Woven Wings Hunca Munca

This wrap is absolutely squish worthy and holds up well with heavier kids.  I am not sure I would pick this as a shorty with a bigger baby but it would still rock an RRRR if you needed/wanted it to. This is absolutely a beginner friendly wrap but seasoned wrappers would love it as well.


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