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Sugar Reef Twill (Purple Cotton) Woven Wraps

Product Description

We are so excited to introduce "Sugar Reef", another stunning collaboration with Chicibeanz Handwoven and Baby Tula! This warp was designed by Echo, the fabulous weaver and dye artist at Chicibeanz, and she has simply outdone herself this time. With a pinstriped gradient blending all the colors of the rainbow, this beauty will be sure to cheer you up on even the coldest, dreariest day of winter. 

    Photography Credit: Outdoor Family Photography
    Model: Laura Liggon


    Product Information 

    Your carrier will be shipped in loom state. It is absolutely necessary to wash and iron your wrap or ring sling before using it. Using your carrier before washing it can cause thread shifting which will lead to weak spots in the cloth. The fabric needs to be washed in hot water and given a hard press to set the weave before it can bear any weight. For washing information, please click here

    Width: 25.5" (measured after a hot wash and press)

    Rails: hemmed

    Ends: blunt

    Fiber Content: 100% cotton

    Weave Structure: twill

    Weight: approximately 280 gsm (calculated after a hot wash and press)

    Country of Origin: USA


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