Customized Ring Sling Sale
Agate Hearts (Gray Cotton)
Customized Ring Sling Sale
Rainbow Hearts (Black Cotton)
Customized Ring Sling Sale
Customized Ring Sling Sale
Sugar Reef Hearts (Fuchsia Cotton)
Sugar Reef Hearts (Natural Cotton)
Sugar Reef Twill (Purple Cotton)

Customized Ring Sling Sale

Regular price $100.00


This listing is for a custom ring sling. Please read the full listing description below and then send an email to with your customization info. Since each ring sling is custom made, please allow 2-3 weeks for your order to ship.

We're combining two of our customer's favorites - our $100 ring sling sale AND customized ring slings! Sale will go live on Saturday, March 5 at 2pm EST. You'll be able to completely customize your ring sling so it's just the way you like it. And since we're clearing out our cabinets, we even have a few pieces available from previously sold-out color ways!
Please note - when ordering, you'll select from all available fabric options. And then once you've placed your order, you'll need to send an email with your selections of size, ring color and fabric gradient orientation to Don't forget to send that email - I can't get started on sewing your order until I know how you'd like it customized!
All ring slings - regardless of size - are $100 each with free shipping within the US.
Since I'll be personally sewing each ring sling to order, please allow 2-3 weeks for your order to ship.

Ring Sling Information

Please check here for available conversion options. After completing your order, send an email to with the following information:

    1. Order number
    2. Sling size (from XS through 3XL)
    3. Ring color
    4. Which shoulder you prefer to wear your sling on
    5. Which color of the fabric gradient you would prefer to be closest to your face when wearing your sling on your preferred shoulder.

    Slings are cut to allow for 8% shrinkage. The size lengths listed above indicate what the length will be after washing and drying. 

    If you are unsure on which size ring sling to select, the general guideline is to select your t-shirt size. However, if you have a large chest or are carrying an older child you may want to go up one size. You will also want to consider how far down you would like the tail of your sling to hang. Some folks prefer it to be quite long, so they can use it to cover baby's head when sleeping or nursing. And other folks prefer it to be shorter, coming just to the wearer's hip. Feel free to contact us if you'd like help figuring out which size to purchase!

    All sizes of ring sling are converted with black sling rings, a 7" gathered reversible shoulder, and the gradient is oriented so that the darker rail is closer to your face when wearing on your right shoulder. However, the pattern is carefully aligned and neatly sewn so the sling can be worn inside-out to allow for either rail to be worn facing up.

    Product Information 

    Your carrier will be shipped in loom state. It is absolutely necessary to wash and iron your ring sling before using it. Using your carrier before washing it can cause thread shifting which will lead to weak spots in the cloth. The fabric needs to be washed in hot water and given a hard press to set the weave before it can bear any weight. For washing information, please click here

    Width: 25.5" 

    Rails: hemmed

    Ends: blunt

    Shoulder: reversible

    Country of Origin: USA

    Instructions for Use

    Check out our video tutorials here. Feel free to email us at with any questions, or for assistance with using your baby carrier.

    Shipping Information 

    Click here for information on shipping prices. 

    Purchasing this product constitutes acknowledgement of and agreement to our Terms and Conditions.
    Please familiarize yourself with them before placing an order. 

    By purchasing one of our products, you are agreeing to comply with the following terms and conditions of use wherein the terms “Apple Blossom Wovens,” "ABWovens", “us” or “we” refers to Apple Blossom Wovens LLC, and the term “you” refers to the user of our products.


    Apple Blossom Wovens is not responsible for any accidents or injuries that may occur as a result of improper use of our products. Before using your carrier, be sure you understand and follow the safety precautions outlined here and printed in the booklet that was packaged with your wrap. If you are not sure how to safely use your wrap, you can find instructions for a Front Wrap Cross Carry both here and printed in the booklet that was packaged with your wrap. 

    The strength and integrity of the fabric is dependent on you following the washing and pressing instructions before using your new wrap. Care instructions can be found here and are printed in the booklet that was packaged with your wrap. We are not responsible for any thread shifting that may occur if you use your wrap before washing and pressing.

    We are also not responsible for any pulls, broken threads, or other damages that may occur while you use your product. And while we have requested that you contact us with any questions about repairing such damages, that does not mean that we guarantee to fix any such damages. 


    We are now offering a layaway option, so you can pay half now and half next month. Here is how it works:

    1. During checkout, enter the discount code "LAYAWAY". This will reduce your total due to 50% of the retail price plus shipping charges.

    2. We will set aside your wrap or ring sling and reserve it until the balance has been paid. You will receive an invoice for the remaining 50% balance. That invoice will be due within 30 days of the original payment, but you can always pay it off early if the funds become available. Make sure to check your spam folder, just in case the invoice gets sent there.

    3. Once the final payment has been made, your item will be shipped to you!

    If you are entering a draw-to-purchase and would like to use the layaway option, make sure to indicate that when entering the draw. Your intention to use the layaway option will not affect your chances at winning the draw, but the layaway code does need to be entered before we send you the invoice. 

    Any layaway cancellations must be communicated to us by email The refund will be processed within 2 business days, and a 20% administrative fee will be withheld from the refund amount. 

    Two days before your invoice is due, we will send you a reminder. If your invoice for the remaining balance is not paid within 30 days, your layaway will be cancelled and a 20% administrative fee will be withheld from the refund amount. 


    Because of the old looms used to weave the fabric for these wraps, skipped threads (will be repaired before shipment), weaver's knots, loose threads from bobbin changes, and other irregularities within the fabric are considered normal. Before each wrap is sold, it is carefully inspected and any necessary repairs are made. Any irregularities left within the fabric are cosmetic only and do not affect the safety of the carrier. Tutorials are included here to show how to identify these irregularities.

    When you first receive your wrap, please inspect it carefully. If you have any questions about the quality of the fabric, send pictures and a written description of your concerns to 

    If you have purchased your wrap second-hand and have questions about your wrap, please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

    Returns and Refunds

    If you are dissatisfied with your product, you will have 7 days from delivery confirmation to contact us and arrange a return. Returns will only be accepted on products that are in new, unwashed, unused condition and must include all original packaging. You will be responsible for paying the return shipping costs (including full insurance and signature confirmation). Once the product has been returned, we will inspect it to ensure that it is in new, unwashed, unused condition with all original packaging. If it is, a refund will be issued for the purchase price minus all initial shipping costs and processing fees.


    Your information will not be sold, given away or used for any purpose other than to process your transaction and contact you about your order.

    Pick Pass

    A pick pass (or right-to-buy) means that you may purchase, at full price, any available wrap before release. If you would like to use your pass on an upcoming release, please fill out this form at least 3 days before the scheduled release. The request form will be updated regularly with the colorway/weft options that are available to use your pick pass on. Once wraps are finished and packaged for release, the pick passes will be fulfilled in order of request, depending on availability. If there is not an available wrap in your requested colorway, weft or size preference, you will be contacted by email. If there is an available wrap, you will be emailed an invoice. Invoices will need to be paid within 48 hours, and wraps will ship within 3 business days of payment.

    Pick passes are given to everyone who tests a sample wrap and writes a review for ABWovens, and to everyone who models for a product photo shoot. They are also sometimes given as prizes in various contests or fundraisers. 

    Pick passes are transferable as long as both parties confirm by email the intent to transfer. 

    Release by Draw

    Some of our releases will be by draw; these releases will be announced ahead of time, and at the scheduled time a form will be posted on our Facebook page. Just to clarify - the winner of the draw does not win a free wrap, the winner merely wins the chance to purchase a limited wrap.

    The rules for a release by draw are as follows:

    • Only one entry allowed per person; duplicates will be found and deleted.

    • If a friend is entering for you, the friend must enter his or her own information.

    • Any entries submitted after the time announced for the form to close will be deleted.

    • Winners of the draw will be selected by random and will receive an invoice within 24 hours. 

    • The person who wins the draw must be the person who completes the purchase. The name drawn must match the name of the person completing payment and the name of the person to which the wrap will be shipped.

    • Once invoices have been sent, winners will have 24 hours to pay their invoice. After that time, unpaid invoices will be cancelled and another winner will be drawn and invoiced.

      Website Stocking

      Any release through our website will also be announced ahead of time on our Facebook page. Please note: our website is powered by Shopify which does have a 5 minute cart hold. HOWEVER, the cart hold does not work for the last item in each category; you will need to proceed through the checkout as quickly as possible until you reach the order confirmation page. 


      Any order cancellations (after payment and before shipment) must be communicated to us by email The refund will be processed within 2 business days, and a 10% administrative fee will be withheld from the refund amount.

      We reserve the right to cancel any order for any reason, including but not limited to: shortage of stock, suspected fraud, unverified shipping address or any other reason, at our discretion. If we cancel your order, an administrative fee will not be withheld and you will be refunded the full amount.


      We can be contacted in writing at:

      Apple Blossom Wovens LLC
      5299 Ponderosa Drive
      Columbus, Ohio 43231

      Or by email at:


      Updated April 2021

      Shipment will only be provided to the address given as the 'shipping address' during payment.

      The buyer will be responsible for any and all customs fees incurred. If the buyer refuses to pay the customs fees and the item is returned to sender, any fees incurred will be deducted from the refund amount as well as a 10% administrative fee for processing the return. 

      If you do not want to have to sign for your shipment, you must email directly after placing your order. Declining the signature confirmation service constitutes agreement that you are solely responsible for your package once tracking is marked 'delivered'. That means if tracking says 'delivered', but your package is not in your mailbox, we are not responsible for replacing that product.

      If you live in central Ohio and would like to pick up your order in person, please select "local pickup" as your shipping option and then email to make arrangements. 

      Shipping Charges: Woven Wraps and Ring Slings

      • Free domestic shipping with insurance and tracking on all orders over $50.
      • International shipping will be provided through DHL at a flat rate of $50, and includes insurance, tracking and signature confirmation. 

      Shipping Charges: Throw Blankets, Baby Blankets and Shawls

      • On orders less than $50, shipping within the United States will be provided through the USPS at a flat rate of $8.50, and includes insurance and tracking. Free domestic shipping with insurance and tracking on all orders over $50.
      • Shipping to Canada will be provided through the USPS at a flat rate of $20, and includes insurance and tracking.
      • International shipping will be provided through DHL at a flat rate of $50, and includes insurance and tracking.

      Shipping Charges: Mugs, Cowls, Key Fobs and Necklaces

      • Shipping within the United States will be provided through the USPS at a flat rate of $4, and includes insurance and tracking.
      • Shipping to Canada will be provided through the USPS at a flat rate of $12.50, and includes insurance and tracking.
      • International shipping will be provided through DHL at a flat rate of $50, and includes insurance and tracking.

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      The wrap and ring sling that I ordered were both beautiful.
      Shipping was very fast too. Love it!

      Rosa H.
      Los Angeles, CA

      Not only are the wraps gorgeous?! The Apple Blossom Orchard community is amazing and so is the “small shop” customer service! Everyone needs an Apple Blossom Woven in their life!

      Alyson Y.
      Pembrooke Pines, FL

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