Custom Ring Sling Conversion

Product Description

PLEASE READ BEFORE PURCHASING! This listing is for converting a wrap you're purchasing into a ring sling. It should only be added to your cart if you are purchasing a woven wrap that you would like to have converted to a ring sling before shipment. 

We are happy to now offer ring sling conversions on any wrap available in stock! After placing your order, please send an email to with the following information:

1. Order number
2. Sling size (see below for sizing chart)
3. Ring color (see below for available colors)
4. Which shoulder you prefer to wear your sling on
5. Whether you would prefer the blue rail or the pink rail to be closest to your face when wearing your sling on your preferred shoulder

Once we have received your email with your order preferences, please allow 7-10 business days to complete your sling and get it shipped to you.


Shoulder Type

Our slings are converted with a gathered shoulder, with 7" from seam to rings.


Available Ring Colors

All rings are purchased from, and available colors are pictured here.



Slings are cut to allow for 8% shrinkage. The size lengths listed below indicate the length after washing and/or drying. Any tapers and/or scrap from your conversion will be sent to you with your ring sling.

Sling Sizing What size wrap do I need?
X-Small: 65" Size 2
Small: 70" Size 2
Medium: 75" Size 2
Large: 80" Size 3
X-Large: 85" Size 3
2X-Large: 90" Size 3
3X-Large: 95" Size 3
4X-Large: 100" Size 3
5X-Large: 105" Size 4

If you would like to purchase a larger wrap and have it converted into two slings, you can contact us at for assistance determining what size wrap is necessary for the sling sizes you'd prefer. There is no additional charge for having a larger wrap converted into two slings. 

If you are unsure on which size ring sling to select, the general guideline is to select your t-shirt size. However, if you have a large chest or are carrying an older child you may want to go up one size. You will also want to consider how far down you would like the tail of your sling to hang. Some folks prefer it to be quite long, so they can use it to cover baby's head when sleeping or nursing. And other folks prefer it to be shorter, coming just to the wearer's hip. Feel free to contact us if you'd like help figuring out which size to purchase!

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