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Simplicity Line

After the overwhelming response to the Morning Glory release in November 2015, we started looking for another mill that would be willing to create a custom, gradient warp for each new run to help us increase production. We are so happy to have found another small, family-owned textile mill in the United States to work with! 

This mill uses a more modern rapier loom, which has several advantages. The loom has a 55" weaving width, so the wraps will be cut and hemmed to about 28" for those who prefer a wider wrap than our Signature Line offers. Hemming the rails will lower the cost of each wrap, since we won't have the added labor of hand-weaving the bobbin changes back into the cloth. And all of that  scrap means plenty for everyone who likes to make Tula accessories, wrap scrap jewelry, or adorable little baby shoes!

The design process for this mill is different because we do send the mill a thread-by-thread design. This means that colorways can be run again, and will be exactly the same each time except for any small changes in yarn dye lots. Release sizes may be larger than Signature Line releases, depending on demand, and each weft will be released separately. 

Simplicity Line wraps will currently only be available in 100% cotton, so if you're looking for a fiber blend, check out our Signature Line!


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