Signature Line

All of the wraps in our Signature Line are made from fabric woven by a very small, family-owned textile mill in the United States. This mill uses vintage looms from the 1930's, one of which is capable of weaving 27" wide selvage cloth. Autumn Orchard, Morning Glory, Evening Flame, Secret Garden and Under the Sea were all woven on this narrow loom. The beautifully woven selvages mean that the rails, or long edges, do not need to be hemmed. Soulshine is our first double-width run, woven on a 60" loom so the rails will be hemmed. Make sure to check the product listing, which will specify whether rails are hemmed or unhemmed. 

One great advantage to the vintage looms, in addition to it being incredible working pieces of textile history, is the ability to weave with a variety of fiber blends without the extensive recalibration required for modern looms. So far we have sampled linen, hemp, wool and Tencel blends with rave reviews for all of them. 

The only downside to these looms are the yardage limitations; the back beam can only hold enough yarn for about 600 yards per run. While exact release quantities are not usually announced, Signature Line release sizes range between 15-25 wraps per weft. 

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