Midnight Sky Pre-Order Information

Pre-Order Information

Midnight Sky Royal will be offered as a limited pre-order to allow customers to select their preferred size of wrap. At 2pm EST on Thursday, January 12, a set amount of pre-order slots will be sold for $100 each. Each person who purchases a pre-order slot will be able to select their choice of size. The fabric has already been woven, and the finishing process is expected to take 4-6 weeks. The balance of the order amount will be due before the wraps are shipped. Immediately after the release, please email info@appleblossomwovens.com with your choice of size. For this release, sizes 3 through 8 are available. Ring slings are not available for this release.

Not including shipping charges and sales tax (if you live in the state of Ohio), here are the amounts of the remaining balance after paying the $100 deposit:

Size 3 - $35
Size 4 - $45
Size 5 - $55
Size 6 - $65
Size 7 - $75
Size 8 - $85

Shipping with in the USA is provided for a flat rate of $12.50. International shipping (excluding Canada) is provided for a flat rate of $45. All shipping will be provided with tracking, insurance and signature confirmation. Shipping charges will be included on the final invoice. 

This release will be 'fastest fingers', and a cart hold should kick in for all but the last slot ONLY once the payment page has been reached. The last slot will bounce carts until payment has been confirmed to prevent oversells, so complete your purchase as quickly as possible since there are no guarantees until payment has been confirmed. 

If for any reason ABW is not able to fulfill the size you selected, you will be able to select from any other available size. If you do not wish to purchase any other available size, then you will receive a full refund. 

(ABW will do their best to fulfill every request, but there is always a possibility of a problem with any step of the process. If that happens, you will be notified and refunded as soon as possible.)

The expected time frame is 4-6 weeks. As soon as the wraps are ready to ship, invoices will be sent for the remaining balance. 

Any purchaser can cancel at any time for any reason. In the case of cancellation, a $10 administrative fee will be withheld and $90 will be refunded. If shipment is delayed past February 23 (6 weeks after the pre-order release), slot holders will be offered the option to cancel their pre-order without the $10 penalty.

Pre-order slots are not transferable. (If purchasing a slot for a friend or acquaintance, or if a friend or acquaintance is purchasing a slot for you, we strongly recommend that no money change hands until the wrap has been received by the original purchaser. If you pay someone $100 to purchase a pre-order slot, and then that person cancels their slot and keeps the refund, Apple Blossom Wovens will not be liable for the loss of your money and will not be able to assist you in seeking remediation.)  

A few more notes: