Journey Pre-Order

** The pre-order is now closed. Monthly updates will be posted here and emailed to everyone who placed a pre-order. There should be a few extras available this summer! The discounts will still be available to BWI members, educators and chapters. Once all pre-ordered items have been shipped, we will open a draw for any leftover items. **

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Last summer marked the 10th anniversary of Babywearing International (BWI), and Apple Blossom Wovens (ABW) is honored to have been selected to offer a pre-order for a commemorative woven to celebrate the occasion!

“Journey” was inspired by a sunrise over the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, incorporating BWI’s colors of orange and blue to symbolize one’s babywearing journey; there may be some mountains to climb, but there is also such beauty to be found in the process, at whatever stage you may find yourself.




The Pre-Order Process

Welcome to our first true pre-order! If you're not familiar with the process, here's how it works: everyone can order as many products as they would like - if you want to order 3 wraps, 2 blankets, an Onbuhimo carrier and 20 yards of fabric, then go ahead! If you just want to order 1 key fob, then go ahead! There are absolutely no limits on how much or how little you can order.

Once the pre-order closes on February 15, we will calculate how many fabric is needed to create all of the ordered items. Then we place an order with the textile mill and they weave as much fabric as we need to fill all of the orders. Once the fabric is woven, it will be crafted into carriers, purses, blankets, and all sorts of lovely items and then shipped to you! Since the fabric isn't woven yet, the whole process will take anywhere from 4-6 months, but this ensures that everyone can order whatever they would like.

Read through the information listed below, and the information included with each pre-order form for the full details. If you have any questions, please email info@appleblossomwovens - we're happy to answer any questions!


Woven Fabric Specifications          

Fiber Content: 100% ring-spun, combed cotton

Weft Color: black

Weave Structure: point twill

Wrap Width: 27” (loom state)

Rails: hemmed

Ends: tapered

Fabric Weight: approximately 280 GSM

Country of Origin: woven in the USA


Available Products

ABW will be offering woven wraps in sizes 2-13 and ring slings in sizes XS-5XL. Additionally, we are partnering with two other manufacturers for this project to provide a wide variety of carrier options: 

2Lambie Creations will be offering wrap conversion buckle and reverse onbuhimo carriers and a variety of totes and clutches

Baby Tula will be offering full wrap conversion soft structured carriers in various sizes (these will only be available to BWI members, educators and chapters due to the limited quantities).

Would you like a piece of this anniversary design, but don’t need any more wraps or carriers? Well, we have plenty of non-babywearing options too! A variety of blankets, cowls, shawls, accessories and bags will be available. Unfinished fabric will also be available for purchase by-the-yard for all of your sewing and crafting projects.


Pricing and Discount Tiers

While this wrap was designed to celebrate BWI's anniversary, it is not a BWI exclusive. All pre-order items from ABW and 2Lambie are available for purchase by non-BWI members at retail pricing. 

The following discounts and payment plans are available to BWI members, educators and chapters. 

ABW and 2Lambie Discount Structure

BWI members will receive a 20% discount off retail pricing. A 50% deposit will be required when placing the pre-order. The remaining balance can either be divided into monthly payments or paid when the order is ready to ship.

BWI educators will receive a 30% discount off retail pricing. A 50% deposit will be required when placing the pre-order. The remaining balance can either be divided into monthly payments or paid when the order is ready to ship.

BWI chapter lending libraries will receive a 40% discount off retail pricing. A 25% deposit will be required when placing the pre-order. The remaining balance can either be divided into monthly payments or paid when the order is ready to ship.

Tula Discount Structure

BWI chapters, educators and members will receive a 10% discount off retail pricing. No deposit is required when placing the pre-order. The full amount will be invoiced when the order is ready to ship. If any invoices are unpaid, those carriers will be offered first to BWI members at the discounted rate. If any are unclaimed, they will be stocked in Baby Tula’s regular wrap conversion stockings at full retail price.


Click HERE for complete pricing and discount information.


BWI Membership Confirmation

If you fill out the pre-order form with the discount for BWI members, educators or chapters, we will need to confirm your membership status before sending your invoice. Please make sure you are a current/active member or chapter before filling out one of those forms. 


Expected Timeline

January 15: Pre-order forms will open for ABW, 2Lambie and Tula products. 

January 22: Pre-order for Tula will close. Invoices for Tula products will not be sent until they are ready to ship. 

February 15: Pre-order for ABW and 2Lambie products will close. Initial invoices will be sent within 5 business days of form entry and must be paid by February 22.

June 15 – August 15: Once the pre-order is closed, the textile mill will begin to weave this custom fabric. Due to the increased labor involved with a custom warp like this, we anticipate production to take 4-6 months. Orders will ship sometime between June and August. A monthly update will be emailed to everyone who places a pre-order. 

Please note that ABW, 2Lambie and Tula will each invoice and then ship their products separately. 


International Customers       

This pre-order is open world wide.* The buyer will be responsible for any and all customs fees incurred. If the buyer refuses to pay the customs fees and the item is returned to sender, any fees incurred will be deducted from the refund amount as well as a 10% administrative fee for processing the return. ABW staff will mark customs forms as "merchandise" and will list the full purchase price as the item value, as required by law.

*Woven wraps and ring slings can not be shipped to Canada at this time due to additional compliance regulations.



Any pre-order cancellations must be communicated to us by email to The refund will be processed within 2 business days, and a 10% administrative fee will be withheld from the refund amount.

Pre-orders may not be transferred. 

We reserve the right to cancel any order for any reason, including but not limited to: shortage of stock, suspected fraud, unverified shipping address or any other reason, at our discretion. If we cancel your order, an administrative fee will not be withheld and you will be refunded the full amount.


Returns and Refunds          

If you are dissatisfied with your product, you will have 7 days from delivery confirmation to contact us and arrange a return. Returns will only be accepted on products that are in new, unwashed, unused condition and must include all original packaging. You will be responsible for paying the return shipping costs (including full insurance and signature confirmation). Once the product has been returned, we will inspect it to ensure that it is in new, unwashed, unused condition with all original packaging. If it is, a refund will be issued for the purchase price minus all initial shipping costs and processing fees.