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Under the Sea v2 - Royal Tencel

Product Description

Under the Sea v2 with the royal Tencel® (lyocell) weft will be released on Sunday, October 30. The wraps will be released by draw on the ABW Facebook page, with the draw post opening at 2pm EDT. The draw post will remain open for entries until 2pm EDT on Monday, October 31. Once the draw post is closed, names will be draw and the winners will be invoiced for the full purchase price plus shipping costs. 

This release will include a number of wraps that have been marked as "seconds" quality. When the loom was being prepared with the warp for this run, one heddle was skipped during the threading process. The thread that was involved is about 3 inches from the blue rail and runs the length of the wrap. This is purely an aesthetic issue, and you may not even noticed the skip, but please make sure to check the pictures of the skip included in the product listing before entering the draw. You can feel a slight variation in the cloth as you run your hand over that thread, but it is not raised enough to cause any problems with your wrap. To account for this flaw, the prices of the seconds quality wraps have been discounted 10%, which equates to a discount of $18-$24 depending on the size you purchase.

The threading error was discovered part way through the weaving of this yardage, so there are also several wraps without any skip that will be available for purchase at the full price. When entering the draw, just note which sizes you are interested in and whether or not you are interested in purchasing a seconds quality wrap.

Please note: This is the last scheduled run of our Signature Line wraps with a high Tencel® (lyocell) weft. Our Heirloom design will be run again this winter with a low Tencel® (lyocell) blend. 

Photography by Beth Kost


Under the Sea (UTS) is a subtle gradient of 5 different shades from blue to turquoise to green, and the pictures can not do these colors justice! Perfect for a summer trip to the beach, and for those wrappers who prefer a gender-neutral option, we think you will love this colorway as much as we do. These are woven with the same Brassard cotton, which is known for it's luxurious softness right off the loom, with a few releases in a linen or Tencel blend for those of you who prefer those wrap qualities. This is the second UTS run, and the striping of the colors within the warp is almost identical to the first run of UTS, which is labeled with DOM from June through September 2016. All UTS v2 wraps will be labeled with a DOM of October 2016 or later. 

Like all of our Signature wraps, it is woven on a vintage dobby loom and finished with unhemmed selvages and tapered tails. Wraps will be cut to allow for shrinkage plus a few extra inches to account for the thickness.

Your wrap will be shipped in loom state. It is absolutely necessary to wash and iron your wrap before using it. If you wrap with it before washing, even just briefly, you can cause thread shifting which will lead to weak spots in the cloth. The fabric needs to be washed in hot water and given a hard press to set the weave before it can bear any weight. For washing information, please click here

Width: 25.5", measured after a warm wash and press

Fiber content: 55% cotton / 45% Tencel® (lyocell)

Weave structure: point twill

Weight: approximately 355 gsm, calculated after a warm wash and press

Country of Origin: USA

Signature Line Price Per Fiber Blend (Effective October 2016):

100% Cotton: ring sling $155 // size 2 $165 // size 3 $175 // size 4 $185 // size 5 $195 // size 6 $205 // size 7 $220 // size 8 $235

25% Linen / 75% Cotton: ring sling $170 // size 2 $180 // size 3 $190 // size 4 $200 // size 5 $210 // size 6 $220 // size 7 $235 // size 8 $250 

55% Cotton / 45% Tencel® (lyocell): ring sling $175 // size 2 $185 // size 3 $195 / size 4 $205 // size 5 $215 // size 6 $225 // size 7 $240 // size 8 $255

Seconds Quality Pricing Reflecting 10% Discount:
55% Cotton / 45%
Tencel® (lyocell): ring sling $157.50 // size 2 $166.50 // size 3 $175.50 // size 4 $184.50 // size 5 $193.50 // size 6 $202.50 // size 7 $216 // size 8 $229.50

Shipping Information 

Shipping will be provided at a flat rate of $12.50. This includes insurance, tracking and signature confirmation. 

If you do not want to have to sign for your shipment, you must email directly after placing your order. Declining the signature confirmation service constitutes agreement that you are solely responsible for your package once tracking is marked 'delivered'. That means if tracking says 'delivered', but your package is not in your mailbox, we are not responsible for replacing that product. 

If you live in Central Ohio and would like to pick up your wrap, please email to make arrangements. 


Purchasing this product constitutes acknowledgement of and agreement to our Terms and Conditions. Please familiarize yourself with them before placing an order. 


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