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Morning Glory (Purple) Woven Wraps & Ring Slings

Product Description

Release date: December 30, 2015

This first release in our Signature line is woven with cotton 8/2 yarn on a beautiful gradient warp in shades of pink, purple, blue and teal. Like all wraps in this line, it is woven on a vintage dobby loom and finished with unhemmed selvages and tapered tails. Wraps will be cut to allow for 10% shrinkage plus an extra 6 inches to account for the extra thickness.

Your wrap will be shipped in loom state. It is absolutely necessary to wash and iron your wrap before using it. If you wrap with it before washing, even just briefly, you can cause thread shifting which will lead to weak spots in the cloth. The fabric needs to be washed in hot water and given a hard press to set the weave before it can bear any weight. For washing information, please click here

Width: 25.5", measured after a hot wash and press

Fiber content: 100% cotton

Weave structure: point twill

Weight: 285 gsm, calculated after a hot wash and press

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Size 3 $150
Size 4 $160
Size 5 $170
Size 6 $180
Size 7 $190
Ring Sling $150