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MSK (Black) Woven Wraps & Accessories

Product Description

Release is scheduled for Friday, February 23 at 10am ET. 


The Midnight Sky warp has been woven with our new weave structure that we're calling "Kaleidoscope". This new weave was not designed by us; it is a modification by Lindsay Burrell of a "Snakeskin" draft originally submitted to by an unnamed visitor. Since the modifications make the weave structure symmetrical, it no longer resembles the skin of a snake, so we held a naming contest and Rebecca Kay suggested "Kaleidoscope". It's just a perfect name, since the complexities of the weave really throw the colors of the warp into such beautifully symmetrical designs!

Just like our previous releases, the thicker yarn and airy weave means that there is no "breaking in" period of trying to soften your wrap. After the first hot wash and steam iron to set the weave, your wrap will be so soft and easy to wrap with. In fact, you might just find that the rest of your family tries to swipe it for cuddling on the couch!

Photography by Gloria Folaron


Width: 28" (after shrinkage)

Weave Structure: kaleidoscope

Rails: hemmed

Ends: tapered

Fiber Content: 100% cotton

Weight: 290 GSM

Care: Your wrap will be shipped in loom state. It is absolutely necessary to wash and iron your wrap before using it. If you wrap with it before washing, even just briefly, you can cause thread shifting which will lead to weak spots in the cloth. The fabric needs to be washed in hot water and given a hard press to set the weave before it can bear any weight.

Instructions for the first wash:

  1. Wash in hot* water on delicate/gentle cycle using a detergent free of optical brighteners. Do not use bleach. 
  2. While still damp from the wash, steam iron on low heat pressing hard to set the fibers. Make sure to iron both sides of the wrap.
  3. Hang to dry.

After the first wash, use these instructions:

  1. Wash in cool* water on delicate/gentle cycle using a detergent free of optical brighteners. Do not use bleach. 
  2. While still damp from the wash, steam iron on low and then hang to dry.
  3. Tumble dry on low heat. 

*Washing temperatures:

Hot wash: above 130°F / 54°C 

Warm wash: between 90 - 110°F / 32.3 - 43.3°C

 Cool wash: between 60 - 80°F / 15 - 26.7°C


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