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Product Reviews


Lauren Lenè Review: Size 7 Heirloom Dahlia (Tencel) 0

Blend: 55% cotton, 45% lyocell (Tencel)

Measures a long 7 at 5.5 meters.

This lovely arrived washed and ready to wear. It's been frigid cold and gloomy here, so we just did quick ups for cooking dinner and bedtime this week. We finally had a break in the weather so we went out for a two mile walk. We definitely put Dahlia to the test.

We did a freshwater double hammock variation to start off, and switched it up to a front wrap cross carry on the way home (little miss wanted front snuggles). 

Dahlia is incredibly easy to wrap with. The wrap is thin and very floppy. The glide/texture ratio is perfect. The microtexture is great that it locks in the passes, but doesn't have that Velcro stickiness. Passes are easy to tighten and adjust but then lock in place once you set them. The wrap pleats nicely on the shoulders and doesn't cause any digginess. There is a touch of vertical and horizontal stretch, but the diagonal stretch is ahhh-mazing!!! It creates that moldibilty to your body. Dahlia has a nice airy weave and I'm excited to use this as our summer hiking wrap. It's not bulky even with multipass carries. We also had no slipping when we wrapped over winter coats. So Dahlia is the perfect all season wrap. 

And this red! I've never seen a wrap with this deep, muted cranberry red. It's absolutely stunning in real life. Photos do not do the colorway justice.

We are totally smitten with Heirloom Dahlia ❤

  • Apple Blossom Wovens

Allie Willemstein Review: Heirloom Amethyst and Heirloom Emerald 0

I was lucky enough to try two different colorways of the new Heirloom run – Amethyst and Emerald. I’ve been in love with the Heirloom pattern for a long time, so excited is probably an understatement for how I was feeling to test these wraps!

First, the similarities. Both are medium thin in hand, have great microtexture, and are soft and floppy right away. They’re a breeze to wrap with as they glide right into place and stay right where you put them. There’s a good amount of stretch, which gives them that great ace-bandage feeling. They’re the ideal Double Hammock wrap. (Seriously, you’ll get perfect chest passes!) They’ll also be great for small babies and new wrappers.

I was surprised to find that there were some pretty obvious differences. Amethyst was noticeably softer and slightly less textured than Emerald. However, Emerald seemed to have less stretch than Amethyst, which made it a bit more suited to my large toddlers. I definitely preferred multi-pass carries with my big kids in Amethyst, but felt that Emerald could hand single pass carries easily.

P.S. For those who love the ABW smell, Amethyst had it, Emerald did not!

[Image Descriptions: First image is of a white woman wearing a blond toddler in a purple and white wrap. The toddler is playing with her shirt buttons. Second image is of a white woman wearing a green and white wrap. It is centered on the chest pass of a double hammock carry, which is finished with a bronze ring.]

Allie Willemstein Review: Size 7 Hemp Blend 0

Blend: 80% cotton / 20% hemp

I’ve had the great fortune to have tried several of this company’s wraps and my reaction to each new one is always the same, “How are they so good?”

Hemp isn’t a fiber that has every held much interest for me. I’ve tried what I think was very good hemp (and some very bad), but this tester was in a league of its own. In hand it felt very soft, moldable, and relatively thin.

My first double hammock was a bit sloppy, but I found that it didn’t have quite the moldability that I’d come to expect with other ABWs. There is still a nice amount of stretch, but it takes slightly more careful tightening. It sits nicely on the shoulders without being bulky and despite its relative thinness, it isn’t the least bit diggy. It holds up to big kids beautifully. Even in a sloppy wrap job, my 22lb one year old was practically weightless. My 26lb two year old attempted to escape from a double hammock during an evening walk and it held strong. It’s not a dense weave, so it didn’t feel overly hot, as is often a concern with hemp. I was able to wear it while volunteering at a crowded outdoor event in 70 degree weather and we were both quite comfortable.

Aesthetically, I wasn’t initially drawn to the colors, but I found that they really grew on me. When wrapped, they work out to be a really soft and beautiful neutral. Perfect for spring and summer, but universal enough to match whatever you’re wearing. I know this is a trite phrase, but photos truly don’t do it justice.

The best part for me is that even with the added big kid support of the hemp, it doesn’t lose the soft snuggly factor that makes Morning Glory and Evening Flame so amazing. The hemp made a great addition to an already great wrap without having to compromise anything. This could easily be an all seasons, all ages, one and done wrap.




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Brittany Brown Marsh Review: Size 7 Linen Blend 0

Review by Britt Brown Marsh Blog

Blend: 25% Linen / 75% Cotton

So a little while back, I learned about Apple Blossom Wovens through a discussion on longer wraps for plus sized wearers. Shortly following the discussion, Lisa (owner) and I chatted and let me know that they would be offering size 8 wraps which is my base size! I was absolutely THRILLED! She mentioned that she had a size 7 linen sample floating around and that I could try it if I wanted. Of course I said yes. It is rare that a company sends out a size 7 sample for review. When the linen blend Evening Flame sample arrived I was absolutely floored by how SOFT it was. I have never felt a linen blend that was this soft. I actually had to check again to make sure the wrap was machine woven because it reminded me of a handwoven!

I quickly put Maxine (3ft, 30lbs) in a double hammock tied at the shoulder. It was basically like clouds on my shoulders. The wrap molded to us well. The wrap was grippier than expected which was great since I like to do sloppy wrap jobs and this definitely held everything in place. The slipknot did not budge for me once I tightened it in place.

Evening Flame linen was stretchy but supportive with Max. I enjoyed single layer front carries with her. Front Wrap Cross Carry was a favorite for her and me. She constantly asked for front uppies in this one while it visited. I really enjoyed the stretch in the wrap because I could eek out a front wrap cross carry in this base -1 size wrap.

This wrap would be great for new and experienced wrappers. It is awesome for toddlers and I bet would be good with smaller babies as well. It is just a little wide for little babies.


LaKeta Kemp Review and Comparison of Linen and Tencel Blends 0

Linen Blend: 25% Linen / 75% Cotton
Tencel Blend: 50% Tencel / 50% Cotton

Mini Review: I had the pleasure of wearing both blends of the Apple Blossom Wovens Evening Flame. My babies are two years and 29 pounds.

Support: The Linen blend was more supportive than the Tencel. I found that the linen threads seem to balance out the soft stretch of the cotton and prevented sagging and the need for extra tightening in front carries. The only carry I had trouble with was the Popparoo where I just couldn't get it tight enough to keep the poppins finish in place. The regular kangaroo was a breeze in both blends with the linen being a tiny bit more supportive in a front carry than the Tencel.

Glide & Grip: The Tencel had much more glide than the Linen blend and made multilayer back carries amazing as the wrap slid over itself, making for some seriously smooth passes without effort. The Linen had more grip and while the passes were smooth, I noticed the top or bottom rails would fold back on itself requiring a correction to get the pass ultra smooth for aesthetics. The grip in the linen blend made the date night finish an easy one to do, the Lexi twist staying in place and the knotless finish locked tight. Smoothing out the final pass over chest in the Date night finish was easier in the Linen blend than the Tencel, holding better as the grip provided the extra hold.

Softness: The only rival I have worn to date on softness to the recent Apple Blossom wraps are handwovens and Bamboo blends. You definitely have the market on soft for machine woven. Tencel proved to be softer than the Linen although if I hadn't checked the tag I would have said they were identical in softness.

Shoulder Feel: Both were amazing in single layer carries on the shoulder. The Ruck reminded me of the combed cotton in Firespiral Slings in the Tencel being both pillowy and cushy. I was shocked at how pillowy the shoulder was after feeling the heavier GSM of both wraps after Morning Glory giving rise to a greater threads per inch also helping with the support in Evening Flame.

Pliability: Both were extremely floppy, with the Tencel gaining a slight edge over the Linen for moldability. The Tencel blend seemed to wrap more like an ace wrap, clinging and forming to the curves of the body.

Heat Retention: As expected the Tencel retained less heat than the Linen blend. I wore on a series of very cold (for us) days at about 42F over both of us in hoodies and long sleeves. I gravitated toward Evening Flame (pun totally intended) in Linen to help keep us warmer as the wind was high and biting. The next day was the same and the Tencel blend was airy enough in the same carry to give me a slight chill and baby actually kept her hood and hat on.

If I had to choose just one I would probably select the Linen blend over the Tencel but only by a narrow margin and with the knowledge that the Tencel holds much richer colors better than Linen. If I could have a pie in the sky I would blend with all three, cotton, Tencel, and Linen to combine their relative qualities.


Mariana Igoe Review: Size 6 Tencel Blend 0

Review of ABW (Apple Blossom Wovens) Silver Tencel Tester
Size 6 (base)
Fibers: 50% cotton/ 50% Tencel

Wrapper: 14 mo wrapping. Intermediate/ moderate experience with front and back carries. 

Wrapees: 1 yr old. 19 lbs. 29" aka B 2.5 yr old. 30 lbs. 37.5" aka S

I was super excited when I was chosen to host this wrap for a week! I had not wrapped with an ABW before, and was really excited about their revolutionary weaving method using a vintage power loom to create wraps that look, feel and act like handwoven wraps but at an accessible and affordable machine woven price point smile emoticon

First impressions: absolute love . The colors are beautiful and I loved the gradient. Not too stripy or busy so, aesthetically, it was my cup of tea. I don't say this lightly, but the cotton/ tencel combination is officially MY new favorite. It was so soft and light and I loved the chevron weave. I could tell this baby has been loved and it's well broken in.

WQ: Cotton/ Tencel is medium-thin but in one word... sturdy! Tencel allows for extra easy glide and this weave extra grip. The perfect combination of glide/ grip/ support. Not a lot of cushiness (which surprised me because it was so cushy to cuddle with) but it held EVERY carry we tried with minimal sag. Airy and perfect thickness for South Florida's humid heat! Thumbs up!!!!!

Compared to: I honestly haven't tried anything quite like ABW! As far as other handwovens go, I would compare this to a Meeyoo meets Erizo. 

And machine wovens, this reminds me of my Butterfly Babys (Vaquero) wraps. All of these afore mentioned were my go to ALWAYS!!!

Recommend: to everyone! It was comfortable all around in every front/ back carry with both B and S! I would say to go with a longer wrap for bigger toddlers as it was most comfortable with double passes! Perfect for beginners! The color gradient would help an inexperienced wrapper master the tightening of the rails smile emoticon

I am thankful for being given the opportunity to host this tester. I am now convinced I need not one, but two ABWs (short and base) as I know they would be reached for very often here. A++++++