Sheena Bayo Review: Size 8 MSK Royal (Cotton)

Sheena Bayo Review: Size 8 MSK Royal (Cotton)

I am so excited to tell you about MSK Royal!

Size: 8 (Base +1 for me)
Age and weight of child: 13 months, 25 lbs

Appearance: This wrap made me feel “fancy” when wearing, while not being too intimidating to really wear through all events due to the easy-care cotton and dark colors. The streaks of color and the varying skip widths in the weft give the impression of a galaxy. The space nerd in me definitely latched onto this pattern/color combination hard core. (Hint: We named our baby “Nova”) 

Handfeel: This wrap is deceptively thick when folded but it feels a lot thinner in hand than what that folded height would imply. I think it’s because of the pattern which gives it a very pillowy feel. I can understand why Lisa offered blankets for this wrap because it truly does make me want to snuggle.

Wrap Qualities: That luscious pillowy feeling isn’t just good for snuggling on the couch, it’s also great for wrapping! I could pull off a quick/sloppy wrap job (admittedly the only kind I do unless I *must* try harder because I know I’ll be taking pictures) with ease, support and comfort. The fabric still has enough give to allow me to make a good seat while feeling rock solid once in place. If you insist on tightening (because you’re not sloppy like me) then you might find that it takes a couple extra tugs to get into place due to the delicious texture. However, since it will hold solid without that extra effort, this is still a tremendously accessible wrap!

Conclusion/Highlights: I would recommend this wrap if the following things appeal to you: 

-Newborn to toddler/preschooler 
-Pillowy weave 
-Lots of texture 
-Amazing “galaxy” color impressions with a fancy feel when combined with the sophisticated weave pattern 
-Forgiving of sloppy wrapping

It would be hard to choose whether to get this wrap in a base size or a base-2 size range. It makes gorgeous fancy finishes but the huge knot and pillowy texture make it slightly more challenging to wiggle into said fancy finishes... so I think it would really shine in simple tie off base-2 wraps as well! It does wrap a bit short so I would size up, no matter what.



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