Melissa Chevonne Stickley Review: Size 8 MSK Royal (Cotton)

Melissa Chevonne Stickley Review: Size 8 MSK Royal (Cotton)

Review of Midnight Sky Kaleidoscope Royal Weft

Age of wrappee: 7 months
Weight of wrappee: 21 lbs
Size of wrap: size 8

This was my first time ever trying an ABW wrap! So, I was so surprised by how much this looked and felt like a Handwoven! MSK is similar to a HW, but sturdier!

Now into the real review! I don't have anything negative to say about this wrap! Admittedly, a size 8 is just one size too long for us! Haha. This in a 7 or even shorter, would be perfection!!! I mostly do DH and FCC with my baby because he is a leg straightener and expert leaner. These carries contain him the best. I'll break down my thoughts in note form:


Cushy on shoulders
No dig
Lots of grip
Perfect amount of stretch (not too much)
Solid with some give
Passes stay in place
No retightening needed 
Thinish in hand but wraps thick!!


Passes moulded perfectly and solidly, even though one side wasn't tight, it still held solid and secure.
The cotton was cozy without being too warm
Still cushy on the shoulders, but all wraps tend to press on the neck a bit with this carry.

I have to say I am surprised how easy it was to get such a tight wrap job with my baby in such a grippy wrap!! He's really hard to DH properly. So, with that alone, I am in love with it!!

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