Lauren Lenè Review: Size 7 Heirloom Dahlia (Tencel)

Blend: 55% cotton, 45% lyocell (Tencel)

Measures a long 7 at 5.5 meters.

This lovely arrived washed and ready to wear. It's been frigid cold and gloomy here, so we just did quick ups for cooking dinner and bedtime this week. We finally had a break in the weather so we went out for a two mile walk. We definitely put Dahlia to the test.

We did a freshwater double hammock variation to start off, and switched it up to a front wrap cross carry on the way home (little miss wanted front snuggles). 

Dahlia is incredibly easy to wrap with. The wrap is thin and very floppy. The glide/texture ratio is perfect. The microtexture is great that it locks in the passes, but doesn't have that Velcro stickiness. Passes are easy to tighten and adjust but then lock in place once you set them. The wrap pleats nicely on the shoulders and doesn't cause any digginess. There is a touch of vertical and horizontal stretch, but the diagonal stretch is ahhh-mazing!!! It creates that moldibilty to your body. Dahlia has a nice airy weave and I'm excited to use this as our summer hiking wrap. It's not bulky even with multipass carries. We also had no slipping when we wrapped over winter coats. So Dahlia is the perfect all season wrap. 

And this red! I've never seen a wrap with this deep, muted cranberry red. It's absolutely stunning in real life. Photos do not do the colorway justice.

We are totally smitten with Heirloom Dahlia ❤

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