Allie Willemstein Review: Heirloom Amethyst and Heirloom Emerald

I was lucky enough to try two different colorways of the new Heirloom run – Amethyst and Emerald. I’ve been in love with the Heirloom pattern for a long time, so excited is probably an understatement for how I was feeling to test these wraps!

First, the similarities. Both are medium thin in hand, have great microtexture, and are soft and floppy right away. They’re a breeze to wrap with as they glide right into place and stay right where you put them. There’s a good amount of stretch, which gives them that great ace-bandage feeling. They’re the ideal Double Hammock wrap. (Seriously, you’ll get perfect chest passes!) They’ll also be great for small babies and new wrappers.

I was surprised to find that there were some pretty obvious differences. Amethyst was noticeably softer and slightly less textured than Emerald. However, Emerald seemed to have less stretch than Amethyst, which made it a bit more suited to my large toddlers. I definitely preferred multi-pass carries with my big kids in Amethyst, but felt that Emerald could hand single pass carries easily.

P.S. For those who love the ABW smell, Amethyst had it, Emerald did not!

[Image Descriptions: First image is of a white woman wearing a blond toddler in a purple and white wrap. The toddler is playing with her shirt buttons. Second image is of a white woman wearing a green and white wrap. It is centered on the chest pass of a double hammock carry, which is finished with a bronze ring.]

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