Tamara Younger: Size 6 Cotton

I was sent a tester from Apple Blossom Wovens in Morning Glory with grey weft size 6. Apple Blossom is doing something very unique in the wrap world, she is creating wraps that are made from the same yarns and techniques as a handwoven but they are actually machine woven on a vintage 1950’s loom. This creates a wrap that has the same aesthetic look and feel as a handwoven but with a more affordable price.

The tester I received was just slightly less dense than what the actual production of wraps turned out to be. With multiple pass carries I felt like it did a great job at supporting and securing her weight. The one time I tried a basic ruck I felt like because of the smoosh it did make her feel slightly saggy, but just slightly and not enough to make it uncomfortable. I also very rarely do ruck carries with my toddler and I have yet to find any other wrap to be 100% perfect when it comes to this carry. This wrap would be amazing for newborn through toddler age, soft comfort and not a lot of bulk for itty bitty babes as well as some great cush and support with multi-layer carries for bigger toddlers. I’ve had the pleasure of trying one of her earlier wraps, Autumn Orchard, as well and the improvements made are outstanding. Morning Glory is buttery soft and has a lovely smoosh to it that makes you excited to wrap with it because you know it’s going to be nice and cushy. Cushy is a factor I’ve started really looking for when using a wrap because carrying around a nearly 30lbs toddler requires some padding to make wearing her for long periods of time comfortable. But anyone who has a toddler also knows that support is just as important.

When I shared this wrap at one of my local babywearing meetings they were all shocked to find out that it wasn’t a handwoven. This wrap was petted and tried on by quite a few other gals and they all were in love with the feel and look of it. They were even more in love when I shared with them the prices, a size 6 for just $180. This is great for anyone who is looking for a wrap similar to a handwoven but feel like they are unable to obtain one due to cost or availability.

I have loved seeing the growth in Apple Blossom Wovens and I’m so excited to see what she comes out with next. Join along in her chatter group for some amazing action shots and follow along with her next wrap Apple Blossom Orchard.


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