Veronica Empiringham Review: Size 4 Cotton

Veronica Empiringham Review: Size 4 Cotton

Oh, Morning Glory!

I recently had the honor of hosting Apple Blossom Wovens new 'Morning Glory' v1 Blue Weft tester. Upon opening the package, it was clear this would be instant love. The yarns used are incredibly soft from the get go, and the weave is a perfect compliment, making this one of those wraps that you will love from first use. I don't think I need to say much about the colors. I feel like they speak for themselves, in one word; breathtaking.

This wrap feels pleasantly thin in hand but I feel like the texture of the weave and density give it a beautiful harmony. I can't quite think of another machine woven that this compares to! I adore the unhemmed rails and much more with the gradation of colors giving each rail a different color which is think is essential for a new wrapper. The passes have the nice glide so that you don't need to fight the slack out but the texture gives it just enough grip to where everything stays in place. I love it when there's a very useful balance of both these qualities!

I haven't yet had the pleasure of wrapping a squish with this, although I did wrap my biggo third trimester belly which felt great! I have no doubts this would make for a wonderful squish wrap, it's just so cuddly! I did however wrap my 30lb almost 3yo little lady. A few of those times involved those lovely toddler melt downs, in which Morning Glory held up amazingly well. Besides having ALL the sleepy dust, the passes didn't budge one bit while my kiddo was throwing a fit. There's a good amount of cush on the shoulders so all the while my daughter was wriggling around, I still felt very comfortable. Truly passes the toddler test, in my opinion and it's nice to know this will be good for all age wrappees.

Every time I try a new wrap, I can pinpoint something I don't necessarily love within the first day. I kinda struggled to find something 'wrong' with Morning Glory. The wrapping qualities are all pretty spot on for me. Perhaps the only thing that wasn't 100% love (and forgive me because it's just a totally finicky thing about me personally) is that I prefer the smaller 'tab' like middle markers. Again, nothing that would make or break the awesomeness of this wrap, just a very minor personal preference of mine!

All in all, I feel like Morning Glory is a wrap that will not disappoint. It's a wrap everyone will love and enjoy for their entire wrapping journey. Apple Blossom Wovens has definitely nailed it with this one!


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