Beth Kost Review: Size 6 Cotton

I had the joy of testing the Morning Glory v.2, size 6, gray weft sample.

When I first learned about Apple Blossom Wovens and saw the mock up of the Morning Glory wrap I was hooked. The colors used are my jam. So vibrant and bold. Such an amazing combination with an awesome color transition. When I hear “jewel tones” something just like Morning Glory comes to mind.

The different colored rails could be especially helpful to a new and inexperienced wrapper when learning to tighten and adjust a carry.

I was impressed by the weft color choices.

My wrapee is 18months old, 22lbs and a notorious wiggle worm when we stop moving while in a wrap.

When my box arrived I was so excited to open and get to wrapping!

My first impression was that it’s appearance and texture both are that similar to a hand woven.

I have tried other machine wovens that aesthetically fit into the hand woven category, but I have yet to find one that is joined in that category by it’s wrapping qualities. Apple Blossom Wovens nailed this. One of the first things I noticed is that the weave looks and feels loose. This gives it that classic hand woven feel. The unhemmed edges are a quality that is perfect for this wrap.

I suspect that my tester has not had much time to be broken in, but is yet so surprisingly soft. This wrap really gives you an idea of the wrap description “floppy”. It is something you could snuggle right up to.

Morning Glory is thin in hand. I expected it to shine in multiple pass carries. Our first ups was a ruck. I was pleased with the way the shoulders pleated with no effort at all. These self pleating straps gave it some slight cush, and not the usual dig and pressure you would suspect with a thinner wrap and quick wrap job. As a single layer carry, I noticed it having quite a bit of stretch without the sag or bounce that can sometimes accompany a wrap with this quality. I would not describe this wrap as solid or “toddler prison” because it still allows for some movement, however, it is strong and offers quite a bit of support. I think it would be suitable for a child in the toddler age group. This specific tester was the least dense of the samples and the final run will have an increased threads per inch to offer even more of the support you want to see when you are wrapping a bigger child.

Our second ups was a double hammock tied in front. This was a gem to wrap a multiple pass carry with. It is smooth and glides nicely, but not enough to consider it too slippery. It’s thin and airy qualities make it perfect for multiple passes. I imagine this to be an awesome summer wrap. It is very breathable and I would see myself reaching for it often in the heat and humidity.

We were so happy to host this tester and look forward to adding Morning Glory and many other ABW wraps to our stash.


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