Erica Morris Review: Size 4 Cotton


Morning Glory v.1 (blue weft)



I had the distinct pleasure of hosting this wrap last week. My first impression was wow, look at those colors. Deeply saturated and just stunning. Second thought, it's so soft and floppy I would put a squish in this in a heartbeat. I have 3 littles ranging from 9 months to 4 years and I tried this out on all 3. It held a slip knot remarkably well for having seemingly no grip. Once tightened that knot did not move. The support for my nearly 40 pound preschooler was fantastic. I was not cushy by any means but didn't seem to get diggy. I still wouldn't ruck her for long periods of time but that's more because I'm not up for 40 pounds of kid for very long. I'm normally all for long wraps and pretty chess passes but I absolutely loved this in a 4. I was amazed that it pleated itself every single time. In short, it's a very well rounded wrap with qualities that would suit a newborn up to a toddler.


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  • Lisa Carter
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