Pamela Janovyak Review: Pleated Ring Sling

Morning Glory v.1 (natural weft)

Note: We will be offering both pleated and gathered shoulders.



I tested Apple Blossom's Morning Glory in Natty Weft, Ring Sling, with pleated shoulder. I mainly wore my 15lb/7mo, but also tested with 28lb/3yo, and 11lb/7week old.
First impression: its very soft, and very textured. Its a "nubby", slightly fuzzy feeling wrap, and has a neat "knitted" look to the design. Floppy, medium thick. Its smooshier than my Clementine, and has less diagonal stretch than my Uppywear.The smoosh factor reminds me of Didymos Lisca Raspberry (one of the thick Liscas), but a denser weave. I don't think this wrap will "pull" too easily. Some wraps I'm afraid to go near wearing my engagement ring, you know? I didn't baby Morning Glory while she was here, and she was up to the task!

Oh the CUSH. Can we talk about cush? Cush for DAYS. I wore my 28lb toddler and loved it. I could have worn him a lot longer if he'd let me! I thought it would be overwhelming for a newborn, but my friend wore her 7 weeker and she found it soft and squish-worthy. The tester was extra long, so I put my 7mo in a reinforced rebozo TAS, and easily wore her for an hour. Weightless!

I didn't like the pleated shoulder. To be honest I'm a gathered girl, but I can do some pleats. This wasn't one of them. It was sewn well, but the padded part was too long for me - I'm petite, and the rings hit me below my "sweet spot". Because of its thickness, this wrap is not the easiest to tighten through the rings- even for a veteran RS wearer, I kept getting things jammed up. I wore it every day and towards the end of the week it did start gliding easier, so I'd say it will need a little breaking in where the rings are. Nice thing though is the different colored rails- that's great for keeping things straight if it gets twisted, or for tightening. I always recommend different colored rails to newbie wearers for that reason.

Speaking of rails: I loooove the unhemmed rails. It gives such a cool rustic, handwoven quality. And the color. The color!! So. Pretty. The attention to warp colors is beautiful, and just as thoughtful as a handwoven. I couldn't stop taking pictures of us snuggling in Morning Glory!



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