Allie Willemstein Review: Size 7 Hemp Blend

Blend: 80% cotton / 20% hemp

I’ve had the great fortune to have tried several of this company’s wraps and my reaction to each new one is always the same, “How are they so good?”

Hemp isn’t a fiber that has every held much interest for me. I’ve tried what I think was very good hemp (and some very bad), but this tester was in a league of its own. In hand it felt very soft, moldable, and relatively thin.

My first double hammock was a bit sloppy, but I found that it didn’t have quite the moldability that I’d come to expect with other ABWs. There is still a nice amount of stretch, but it takes slightly more careful tightening. It sits nicely on the shoulders without being bulky and despite its relative thinness, it isn’t the least bit diggy. It holds up to big kids beautifully. Even in a sloppy wrap job, my 22lb one year old was practically weightless. My 26lb two year old attempted to escape from a double hammock during an evening walk and it held strong. It’s not a dense weave, so it didn’t feel overly hot, as is often a concern with hemp. I was able to wear it while volunteering at a crowded outdoor event in 70 degree weather and we were both quite comfortable.

Aesthetically, I wasn’t initially drawn to the colors, but I found that they really grew on me. When wrapped, they work out to be a really soft and beautiful neutral. Perfect for spring and summer, but universal enough to match whatever you’re wearing. I know this is a trite phrase, but photos truly don’t do it justice.

The best part for me is that even with the added big kid support of the hemp, it doesn’t lose the soft snuggly factor that makes Morning Glory and Evening Flame so amazing. The hemp made a great addition to an already great wrap without having to compromise anything. This could easily be an all seasons, all ages, one and done wrap.




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