Lindsay Brunner Review: Size 7 Linen Blend

Blend: 25% Linen / 75% Cotton

I've been fortunate to have a lot of testers and round robin wraps come through here in the last few months and there's one that lingers on my mind- One that felt like it belonged here in my tiny stash, and I miss it a whole lot. That wrap is the

Evening Flame Linen blend tester.

I know there's been a lot of chatter about how the EF wraps are a bit tougher than the Morning Glory wraps, and I can only assume where everyone's mind goes when they hear of a EF Linen blend. Linen tends to be beastly, rough, tough, a burden to break in, but oh so supportive and airy when it's broken. With this being a tester I had assumed that it had been used, abused, and broken into a puddle of kitten belly softness by dozens of mamas before it made it to me. It was so supple, so moldable, so deliciously soft and supportive. When Lisa asked me what I thought of it I said I LOVED it, but I wasn't sure I'd love it from loom state because I hate breaking in wraps. That's when the jaw dropping moment came with this wrap. Lisa told me that it *maybe* had been worn an hour or two before it made it to me. AN HOUR OR TWO!!! This is unlike any other linen I've tried. It was soft, easy, pliable, a puddle of yum... and it was basically just out of loom state. I don't know how it's possible.

I'm not the most experienced wrapper out there. I don't do a perfect double hammock every time like so many awesome mamas do. My middle marker is most often in my armpit, my chest pass isn't always snug, and I tend to have to readjust after a bit. I tossed my five month old up in a quick double hammock and she was high and tight, a great seat (considering her tiny legs), and the chest pass slid right into place. EF tied off with a nice and easy knot, and we were off- no adjusting needed. I wore her for some backyard play with the other tot, followed by a long walk- no adjusting needed at all. The cush on the shoulders was perfect. I don't love poofy wraps, but I do like some cushioning and wraps that pleat well. This wrap hit the nail on the head for me- It has great support from the linen, the perfect density from the beefed up weave, enough grip to stay put without so much that it's a pain to wrap with. Not only did it rock a double hammock, but it rocked a ruck tied Tibetan too! I'm a big ruck fan, and I won't lie, Morning Glory wouldn't have been my first pick for a big kid ruck. Morning Glory is amazing (AMAZING!!) in multipass carries and single pass for small/medium sized babes, but I wouldn't choose a ruck for a long walk with my big girl in MG. I would absolutely ruck on a long walk in this linen blend. It has the perfect amount of cushion to solid wrap ratio that I look for in a ruck wrap.

So this is my plea, Lisa.. Linen!! Linen all the things! Cotton Apple Blossoms are amazing- Gorgeous, soft, great stretch and bounce- But there's something about this linen blend that leaves me longing for more. It's like a first kiss of a boy you had a crush on for a long time- just perfect. Ok, I'll stop gushing and crushing now... until next time.


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