Leila Wright Review: Size 7 Cotton


I hosted a morning glory size 6 grey weft. The first thing I thought was "Wow, so soft!" The drape was incredible and it was very moldable. So easy to wrap with. I would definitely recommend it for a new wrapper! There wasn't much grip, so the passes easily glided in place. There is a good amount of stretch and it is an airy weave. Due to these wrapping qualities, I would prefer this in a longer base size. These wraps feel exactly like some handwovens I have tried. The 6 wrapped more like a size 7 so I had lost of fun playing around with multilayer carries. Morning glory would work really well with little babies and lighter toddlers, but it also held up pretty good with my chunky baby! I carried her for about 3 hours at a museum and it stayed put with no digging for majority of the time. I didn't have to rearrange or tighten until about the last half hour (baby girl is about 26 lbs and just turned 1 year old for reference).

All in all I was very happy with our time with morning glory. My only critique would be that I wish it was a tad thicker and more cushy. The colors are so striking and beautiful! I think morning glory will be loved by many different people with various wrapping experiences.

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