Adrienne Thames Review: Size 6 Tencel Blend

Brand: Apple Blossom Woven

Style: Evening Flame

Color: Silver Weft (Tester, will not be released)

Fiber Content: Tencel blend

Weight: 359 g/m2

Size: 6

How long I have been wrapping: 2 years

Wrappee: 30 lb 2 year old

At a glance: Super soft! It is like picking up your favorite soft and perfectly broken in sweatshirt. Budget friendly for the quality of wrap with amazing colors.

Pros: Super supportive even with a 30 pound toddler. This wrap is great with a single pass carry as well as with a multiple pass carry. It is extremely forgiving so would be great for new wrappers as well as advanced babywearers. The tencel is so soft making it perfect for a squish or a toddler. This wrap is soft enough that my toddler wanted to cuddle it like a blanket.

Cons: The only con is that it could not live here forever! This literally is my favorite wrap I have ever wrapped with.

Tencel takes a bit more time to tighten properly than 100% cotton wraps, but with proper tightening we did not have much sag even with extended carry times. This wrap is the perfect mixture of glide and grip. It slides smoothly during the wrap process, but grips so well even with a knotless tie off. The tencel makes it so cushy even on my picky shoulders with no dig. Apple Blossom Woven has created such unique wovens in machine woven form. I have not found any machine wovens on the market that compare to the handwoven qualities of Apple Blossom Wovens; this wrap truly looks and feels handwoven. I highly recommend Apple Blossom Wovens for wrappers of all experience levels.


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