Alanna Cates Review: Size 6 Tencel Blend

Alanna Cates Review: Size 6 Tencel Blend

Blend: 50% Tencel / 50% Cotton

Weight: 359g/m2

Size: 6

Wrapper: 4 months

Wrappee: 4 months

From the minute I took this out of the package I fell in love! It is so soft and cushy I could have snuggled up on the couch and cuddled with it myself! And I love the light colors of the silver weft.

Pros: This wrap glides into place so easily. I have had trouble perfecting back carries because I am so short and my LO has to be up so high, but the first carry I tried (DH with a CCCB) just glided perfectly into place! It was so easy to pull the wrap up and over his body and into place. I carried him on my back for over 2 hours at a festival and could barely feel the weight of him at all. I never had to readjust and tighten after I got him up because of how supportive this wrap is.

Cons: I think me along with many others can say the only con is that it cannot stay here forever! I will be sad to see it go and will definitely miss it in my stash!

I have had experience with tencel before but the wraps resembled more machine woven whereas Apple Blossoms resemble handwoven. I prefer this tencel because it is just a tad thicker and much softer with its handowoven qualities which makes it feel much more secure. I would recommend this wrap to any beginner or experienced wrapper! This wrap I think could help wrappers perfect the carries that are harder for them as it did for me!







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