Mariana Igoe Review: Size 6 Tencel Blend

Review of ABW (Apple Blossom Wovens) Silver Tencel Tester
Size 6 (base)
Fibers: 50% cotton/ 50% Tencel

Wrapper: 14 mo wrapping. Intermediate/ moderate experience with front and back carries. 

Wrapees: 1 yr old. 19 lbs. 29" aka B 2.5 yr old. 30 lbs. 37.5" aka S

I was super excited when I was chosen to host this wrap for a week! I had not wrapped with an ABW before, and was really excited about their revolutionary weaving method using a vintage power loom to create wraps that look, feel and act like handwoven wraps but at an accessible and affordable machine woven price point smile emoticon

First impressions: absolute love . The colors are beautiful and I loved the gradient. Not too stripy or busy so, aesthetically, it was my cup of tea. I don't say this lightly, but the cotton/ tencel combination is officially MY new favorite. It was so soft and light and I loved the chevron weave. I could tell this baby has been loved and it's well broken in.

WQ: Cotton/ Tencel is medium-thin but in one word... sturdy! Tencel allows for extra easy glide and this weave extra grip. The perfect combination of glide/ grip/ support. Not a lot of cushiness (which surprised me because it was so cushy to cuddle with) but it held EVERY carry we tried with minimal sag. Airy and perfect thickness for South Florida's humid heat! Thumbs up!!!!!

Compared to: I honestly haven't tried anything quite like ABW! As far as other handwovens go, I would compare this to a Meeyoo meets Erizo. 

And machine wovens, this reminds me of my Butterfly Babys (Vaquero) wraps. All of these afore mentioned were my go to ALWAYS!!!

Recommend: to everyone! It was comfortable all around in every front/ back carry with both B and S! I would say to go with a longer wrap for bigger toddlers as it was most comfortable with double passes! Perfect for beginners! The color gradient would help an inexperienced wrapper master the tightening of the rails smile emoticon

I am thankful for being given the opportunity to host this tester. I am now convinced I need not one, but two ABWs (short and base) as I know they would be reached for very often here. A++++++


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