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What is this loose thread?

What is this loose thread?

Just wanted to take a moment and remind everyone of the pictures and videos available on the website. They show how to identify a weaver's knot or bobbin change, and how to identify and repair a pull or a broken thread.

One big change we made in preparing the Evening Flame wraps is what we do with the bobbin change threads - instead of trimming them flush with the selvage, the mill is leaving those threads about 2" long and we're weaving them back into the cloth by hand. After the first wash, the ends of those threads fluff up a bit (like the picture shown below) and can cause concern if you're not sure what they are. You'll also see that happen sometimes with the loose ends from a weaver's knot.

As always, feel free to message the ABW Facebook page or email with any questions or concerns! And if you ever do find a broken thread, free repair kits are always available and include a blunt needle, a needle threader and repair threads for each color yarn used in your wrap.

Quick Draw

Quick Draw

A ‘quick draw’ is a draw-to-purchase release where the release time is announced ahead of time, and the draw form is only open for 5 minutes. Just to clarify - the winner of the draw does not win a free wrap, the winner merely wins the chance to purchase a wrap.

A quick draw release date and time will be announced on the ABW Facebook page several days before the release.  At the scheduled time, a new post will be made on the ABW Facebook page with the draw details. If you would like to enter the draw, you will first need to make sure you have created a customer account here. This can be done ahead of time, and needs to include the email address that the invoice should be sent to if you win the draw. If your name is drawn, but you do not have an account set up, another name will be drawn. (Your account information is only required for simplicity when processing invoices; your information will not be used for any other purposes, and only needs to include your name, state and email address.)

Once your account is created, comment on the draw post with the size(s) you would like to enter for. If you would like to know how size selections are made, you can see a quick video hereMake sure to include everything in ONLY one comment. Anyone who enters the draw more than once will be disqualified from the draw. If your Facebook name is different than your legal name, make sure your comment also includes the name you used to create your customer account. Remember, the draw post will only be up for 5 minutes, so be sure to enter your information quickly! After 5 minutes, the post will be hidden from the wall to prevent new entries and names will be drawn.

Woobox will be used to randomly draw names from the comments. For example, if Jane Doe’s name is drawn, I will check Jane’s comment to see which sizes she entered for. If she listed sizes 5, 6 & 7 then I’ll check through my list of available wraps. If the first available wrap on the list is a size 7, then I’ll mark her down for a size 7 and email her an invoice. Then I’ll draw another name and repeat the process until all sizes have been accounted for. If there were no more available 5s, 6s or 7s when Jane Doe’s name was drawn then she would not receive an invoice and another name would be drawn.

Other rules for a draw include:

  1. Only one entry allowed per person; all duplicate entries will be deleted.
  2. The person who wins the draw must be the person who completes the purchase. The name drawn must match the name of the person completing payment and the name of the person to which the wrap will be shipped.
  3. Once invoices have been sent, winners will have 24 hours to pay their invoice. After that time, unpaid invoices will be cancelled and another winner will be drawn and invoiced.

Failure to follow any of the rules of the draw may disqualify you from being eligible to win future draws.

    Introducing size 8!

    Introducing size 8!

    You may have noticed that we cut our wraps longer than standard sizes - a size 3 runs 4-6" long and a size 7 runs 10-12" long. But after hearing of a need for more size 8s in the babywearing community, we have restructured our sizing. Starting with the blue weft Evening Flame release, wraps will all be cut to standard size, and we will be adding size 8s.

    As always, they are cut to allow for shrinkage from a hot wash/tumble dry. If you would like an extra couple of inches, you can always lay flat or hang to dry.

    The new pricing structure will be:

    Size 3: $155
    Size 4: $165
    Size 5: $175
    Size 6: $185
    Size 7: $200
    Size 8: $215 

    This change was made after the black and red weft Evening Flame wraps had already been cut, so those will only be released in sizes 3-7 with the following pricing:

    Size 3: $160
    Size 4: $170
    Size 5: $180
    Size 6: $190
    Size 7: $200

    • Lisa Carter

    Welcome Emily!

    Thanks to everyone who has been so patient as we're working on increasing production! Of course, before we move forward, we need to make sure that we iron out any kinks and have a good system in place. One change we've made is how we handle the bobbin change threads on our unhemmed selvages - weaving them back in instead of trimming them adds quite a bit of handwork to each wrap.

    Until now, I (Lisa) have been doing all the burling and mending, but I can barely keep up with it even at the current production level. Since we are close to finalizing plans to begin working with a second mill (in addition to the first), I am so happy to introduce Emily! She is in my local babywearing group, and we first met when she came to one of the tester events for the first Morning Glory sample. We bonded over our mutual love of weaving and calculus, and I am so grateful for her assistance!

    Here is the short bio she wrote: "Emily fell in love with babywearing when her son was born in 2010 and continues now with her daughter. Combined with a love for weaving, sewing, and a general love for textiles, mending wraps is a perfect fit. She is currently a stay at home mother but studied mathematics at the Ohio State University. She lives with her husband Colin and children Elias and Stella."


    • Lisa Carter
    November 23, 2015

    November 23, 2015

    Just wanted to give an update! Last Friday, we had a lovely photo shoot at the Topiary Park in downtown Columbus, Ohio. A few of the preview shots have been posted on our Facebook page, and I'll post the rest as soon as I get them back from the photographer. By the way, if you're in the Central Ohio area, I can't recommend Ashley D Photography enough. She was fantastic to work with! 

    The wraps from the pre-order are almost ready to ship! Unfortunately, the print job on the instruction booklets was pretty bad, so we're having a local print shop redo those. As soon as they're finished, I can send out the invoices for the balance of the pre-order amount. I'm hoping to invoice by Saturday, November 28 and ship on Monday, November 30! 

    As soon as the remaining Morning Glory fabric is cut and sewn, I'll announce release dates. Each weft will be released separately, but I plan to have all 3 releases finished and shipped by the week before Christmas. 

    • Lisa Carter

    November 3, 2015

    What an amazing response so far! We opened a Morning Glory pre-order last weekend and it sold out instantly. Currently, the fabric is woven and ready to ship. The pre-ordered wraps and ring slings will be finished and shipped no later than December 15. Then the remaining fabric will be finished into wraps, and a regular release will be announced sometime in December. Once a day/time is scheduled, it will be announced here and on our Facebook page. 

    Thank you so much for your interest and support! And especially thank you for your understanding, as we are ironing out kinks and getting everything up and running. 

    • Lisa Carter