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What is this loose thread?

What is this loose thread?

Just wanted to take a moment and remind everyone of the pictures and videos available on the website. They show how to identify a weaver's knot or bobbin change, and how to identify and repair a pull or a broken thread.

One big change we made in preparing the Evening Flame wraps is what we do with the bobbin change threads - instead of trimming them flush with the selvage, the mill is leaving those threads about 2" long and we're weaving them back into the cloth by hand. After the first wash, the ends of those threads fluff up a bit (like the picture shown below) and can cause concern if you're not sure what they are. You'll also see that happen sometimes with the loose ends from a weaver's knot.

As always, feel free to message the ABW Facebook page or email with any questions or concerns! And if you ever do find a broken thread, free repair kits are always available and include a blunt needle, a needle threader and repair threads for each color yarn used in your wrap.