February 2017 Lending Library Promotion

Could your local lending library use a free wrap? If so, grab some friends and help get them one! For the entire month of February, when you purchase a wrap or ring sling, make sure to nominate your group in the "notes" section of the cart. Once a group has received 4 nominations, they will receive a free wrap in their choice of size!
  • There is no limit to how many free wraps a particular group can receive. For example, if 12 members make purchases, then the lending library will receive 3 wraps.
  • All 4 nominating orders do not need to be placed together, they just all need to be made during the month of February.
  • When nominating your group, please include the name of the group and a link to either their website, Facebook page or Facebook group.
  • Once a group has received 4 nominations, they will get to choose which size wrap they'd like and ABW will select from available wraps in the requested size. 
  • ABW will pay all shipping charges (including international shipping) for the free lending library wrap.
  • Only lending libraries are eligible for this promotion. Teaching libraries, where wraps are used for instruction but cannot be borrowed by group members, are not eligible.
  • This offer can be combined with our educator discount. So make sure to email info@appleblossomwovens.com for more information if you are a babywearing educator or if you are purchasing for a lending library.

This promotion only applies to purchases made during the month of February. If you had placed an order on layaway or made a partial payment on a Midnight Sky pre-order, you can still nominate a group when making your final payment.

Obviously, we need some wraps available for purchase to make this promotion work! Some are stocked on the website right now, and we will be adding plenty more throughout the month of February. Wraps will be stocked randomly on the website without advance notice.

As previously announced, Heirloom Ruby and Midnight Sky will be released by draw-to-purchase. If you are purchasing a wrap via invoice from a draw, you can still nominate your local group by emailing info@appleblossomwovens.com after completing your purchase.