Welcome Emily!

Thanks to everyone who has been so patient as we're working on increasing production! Of course, before we move forward, we need to make sure that we iron out any kinks and have a good system in place. One change we've made is how we handle the bobbin change threads on our unhemmed selvages - weaving them back in instead of trimming them adds quite a bit of handwork to each wrap.

Until now, I (Lisa) have been doing all the burling and mending, but I can barely keep up with it even at the current production level. Since we are close to finalizing plans to begin working with a second mill (in addition to the first), I am so happy to introduce Emily! She is in my local babywearing group, and we first met when she came to one of the tester events for the first Morning Glory sample. We bonded over our mutual love of weaving and calculus, and I am so grateful for her assistance!

Here is the short bio she wrote: "Emily fell in love with babywearing when her son was born in 2010 and continues now with her daughter. Combined with a love for weaving, sewing, and a general love for textiles, mending wraps is a perfect fit. She is currently a stay at home mother but studied mathematics at the Ohio State University. She lives with her husband Colin and children Elias and Stella."